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Paper roll stripping and inspection station

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System components:

Paper Roll Stripping and Inspection Station

System description: Paper roll stripping and inspection station.

Paper roll stripping station with optional manual turn table

Roll stripping station with flush floor operator controls. This job site includes manual roll turner to rotate roll for correct paper unwind at turret splicer

Operator positions roll on surface of strip and inspect station

With roll in position, operator uses flush to floor foot switch to raise paper roll

Removing brown wraps

Operator uses foot control to rotate roll and remove brown paper wrap

Removing damaged white paper

Operator rotates and removes damaged paper while inspecting roll surface

Integral manual turn table

Operator demonstrates using manual turn table to rotate paper roll for correct unwind at turret splicer

Flush to floor foot controls

Operator taps the lower foot switch to place paper roll on roll dolly surface

Conveying roll to unwind stand load position

Operator uses minimal physical effort to move the roll from the strip station to unwind stand load position

Operator conveys roll into SMC Motorized Transfer Table

This job site includes motorized transfer table designed to allow easy loading of roll into turret splicer