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Paper roll track systems

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System components:

EZ-Roll track system

System description: Designed to move heavy rolls with minimal physical effort

Zero Speed Splicer

Operator loads roll to EZ-roll dolly in aisle load position

Hoist load zone

Operator moves roll into over head hoist loading zone

Roll in hoist load position

Operator accurately positions roll in hoist load zone

Free standing dollies

Dollies are not trapped in track section.

Multiple roll dollies

EZ-Track allows multiple roll dollies to be placed in track section. Operator stages multiple rolls along track section.

Dual track sections

This job site uses a track section to stage and deliver rolls and a second track section to return butt rolls to storage

Delivering rolls to Enkel Zero Speed Splicers

Rolls are delivered along a very narrow corridor to multiple Enkel Splicers.

Multiple staged rolls

Multiple rolls are staged along a track section ready to be loaded into a Martin Zero Speed Splicer.

Martin Zero Speed Splicer

Operator conveys roll from stage position via turn table into Martin Zero Speed Splicer.

Roll dolly

EZ-roll dolly

Operator positions EZ-roll dolly in track section.

Roll dolly rides on rollers

Rollers are easy to remove if required.

Low profile design

Pallet jacks and forklifts can easily traverse over track sections.