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News Paper – Commercial Printing Market

Manual or Motorized Transfer Tables

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System components:

  • Manual aisle track with manual roll dolly
  • Manual or motorized transfer table
  • Includes Optional paper roll stripping and inspection station

Manual – Motorized Transfer Tables

System description:  Transfer tables are designed to convey rolls into turret splicers.

KBA Turret Splicer

Manual transfer table with SMC EZ-Roll manual track system

KBA Turret Splicer

Components in back ground include; paper roll stripping and inspection station, manual turn table to route rolls through the system and SMC EZ- Low Profile Roll Track and dolly

KBA Turret Splicer

Manual transfer table for double wide Newspaper application

MEGTEC Turret Splicer

Motorized transfer table: - Paper roll stripping and inspection station. - Manual turn table to provide correct roll unwind orientation. - Motorized transfer table with pendant style operator control. - Manual track sections into and out of transfer table

MEGTEC Turret Splicer

Operator uses pendant control to move roll into load position of MEGTEC turret splicer