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EZ-Roll Wide Track Pallet Conveying System

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System components:

EZ-Roll Wide Track

System description: Wide Track Pallet Conveying System.

Wide Track

Wide track in this installation extends approximately 50' between dual blown film re-winders

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Empty pallet in position

Operator positions empty pallet in roll load position.

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Loading roll to pallet

Operator positions roll on pallet at load position.

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Pushing roll off core shaft

Operator removes core shaft from material roll with minimal physical effort. Roll moved to roll weigh scale.

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Preparing for inventory

Final roll preparation takes place at the roll weigh station. Rolls are secured to pallets. Roll data specification sheets added to roll surface. Rolls are then transferred to inventory.

Track installation

Track sections are shipped in large sections that bolt together. Hangers are used to suspend the track over an excavated pit area.

Back fill with concrete

Track system back filled with concrete.

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Flush to floor

Low profile design can driven over by mobile platforms, forklifts, pallet jacks, etc.

Roller Bearings

Roller bearings can be easily removed.

Operator demonstrates removal and cleaning

Track system is easy to maintain.