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EZ-Roll Track

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System components:

EZ-Roll Track

System description: EZ Roll Conveying System.

Receiving roll from rewinder

Operator positions roll on low profile EZ dolly

Conveying roll away from winder discharge

Operator moves this 3500LB roll with minimal physical effort

Loading partial roll into unwind stand

EZ roll track and dolly are designed to accommodate a wide range or roll widths and diameters

Multiple rolls on single track section

EZ roll track section is designed to stage multiple rolls

Pop up roll pusher

EZ roll track section with foot operated pop up roll pusher used to move roll into unwind stand

Manual turn table with integral track section

Manual turn tables are a common component to the EZ track system. Turn tables provide a method to route rolls at 90 degrees or can be used to rotate roll 180 degrees for correct unwind orientation

Roll stripping and inspection station

Designed to lift and rotate material roll, allowing operator to inspect and remove damaged material if necessary

Flush to floor operator foot controls

Hands free foot controls allow operator to raise/lower and rotate material roll.

Flush floor design was critical

This high pedestrian traffic area required flush to floor design with no gaps and no trip points

Sealed bearing design

The EZ-Roll track design uses sealed bearings with a steel shaft that rests in bearing holders. The bearings can simple be removed by hand. Multiple bearings support the roll dolly, allowing heavy rolls to be moved with minimal physical effort