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Folding Carton and Converting Markets

Segmented Belt Conveyor

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System components:

  • Includes roll stripping and inspection station.
  • Designed to stage multiple rolls of material.
  • Includes system controls by Harmax.

Segmented Belt Conveyor

System description: System designed convey rolls away from rewinder discharge.

Segmented belt

Designed to convey and stage multiple rolls of material.

Multiple configurations

Segmented multiple purpose roll conveyors.

Conveying to secondary operations

Segmented belt is often used to convey material to secondary operations.

Interfacing to LGV

This job utilizes multiple LGV's to deliver rolls to Harmax roll track systems.


Designed to stage and convey rolls long distance.

Clamp trucks and forklifts

Track sections are designed to withstand clamp and forklift traffic.